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Battle Blog 2.0 Alpha Version 1.5 Released
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A new version of Battle Blog has been posted.  Feel free to download and try it out.

Here are some highlights:

  • Archiving functionality is not yet hardcoded (developers can easily build their own in the meantime)
  • Comment restriction controls are not thoroughly tested but seem to work at a high level
  • CK editor has been upgraded to the 4.4.0 version and has been preconfigured to inhibit most syntax checking so that anything (including video embeds) work properly while composing an entry.
  • New "tag" feature allows words in entries to be automatically hyperlinked when word is entered into the tag library.  This feature is also great for building your own "quick syntax" since symbols or patterns of words can be spotted and converted to HTML the same way standard words can.  So, for example, if there is a profile picture of yourself that you like to include in each or most of your postings, you can associate the HTML syntax needed to insert it with a tag. When composing your entry you can simply enter the tag and in the actual entry and your profile picture will appear automatically. 
  • More checks to prevent input hacks have been in place but this is a work in progress.  Most of the most vulnerable input fields are protected or mitigated but there are probably more to be checked.  This will likely never end.

-- That's it.  Of course there were bug fixes and new implementations of a minor scale that I am surely missing in this detail but these won't be change-logged until I am at least releasing beta versions.  For now it's keep on chugging!

Google Groups Support Forum
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Ahead of Battle Blog's code release I've started up the Battle Blog Support Group at Google Groups.  If you are interested in this product from a bug and most important security perspective, you should absolutely take the time to join the group and begin networking with other Battle Blog users.   I will be monitoring this group for support questions and security reports, as well as taking the best information from others in discussion there and posting it here at the main site.  I will not respond to any non-administrative e-mails to me regarding Battle Blog.

Battle Blog Release (ALPHA Style)
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Battle Blog 2.0 ALPHA has been released!

I'm wading into the water carefully with this one.  I've been under pressure to release this engine as classic ASP withers and my personal time becomes more constrained by the day.   Battle Blog 2.0 is a complete re-work of previous Battle Blog and incorporates AJAX based promotion/demotion controls which should motivate at least a few people out there to give it a whirl.

Picture of me holding glass of wine on Battle Blog 2.0 Alpha Release night

A glass of wine to celebrate Battle Blog 2.0's alpha release.

You can download this version of Battle Blog, set it up, and actually run a decent blog.  But as I'm loudly noting it is an "alpha" release and some of the functionality you would expect, including functionality alluded to in the documentation, is not yet available.  Also, I have made an effort to secure the software to a degree that far surpasses the previous versions, but as part of this release I am also urging that everyone strictly monitor the support group for issues and resolutions.   That would be the Battle Blog Support Google Group .  If you are of the brave character to be installing alpha software written by unregulated intermediate level programmers, at least do yourself the favor of monitoring this group and be prepared to patch holes as they are discovered and communicated.  Also, please contribute your experiences.  I would suggest that the alpha users only run this version on hosted shared servers where security is professionally monitored and the impact of wayward attacks extremely limited.

If you need a quick fix visual of sites currently running off Battle Blog, here's my set:

Bugs and Issues Embedded
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Using the miracle of embedded Google Docs, I've placed a live list of currently known issues and bugs here.  This regularly updated spreadsheet should help you determine if you want to proceed with this particular iteration of this Battle Blog, risks and all, or if you want to wait for a more polished one.

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